Training and workshops


I regularly give trainings and workshops around Europe. All my training settings are active and practical: I won’t bore you with an overdose of slides, and you get to do practical work learning skills and techniques by using them. Occasionally principles and values might be taught as a side effect.

BDD Training and Coaching

Behaviour Driven Development is the missing link between business needs and effective execution. Only by enabling structured communication and aligned language between business and engineering can we execute on company goals. BDD also provides a significant step to increased quality and compliance, with a built-in advantage towards automated testing. Mastering BDD is a challenge to any organisation, due to the cross-functional nature of this practice. Not only do we need to adopt new practices, such as Story Mapping and Example Mapping, we also need to learn to apply them within the context of our own domain. To help accomplish that, we provide training in combination with on-the-job coaching: learn the practices, then immediately apply them at work.

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The Integrated Agile Skills Training

A two day intensive full-team training for a complete set of practical skills an agile team needs to thrive: Story Mapping, Example Mapping, BDD/ATDD, TDD, unit testing strategies, acceptance testing at speed, iterative design, … An important advantage of this training is that it combines all these practices into an integrated whole, taking all the mystery and guesswork out of the adoption of this complex set of skills.

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Bringing a Legacy System Under Test Training

Many managers, product owners and project managers struggle with long, manual, regression test cycles for a system, app, or website. This is not a problem you can brute-force.

This 2-day workshop gives you the tools to get back in control: a process to find out what your current testing is giving you, practical tools to discover where it should be extended and concrete ways of automating so that testing can be gradually pushed back into the sprint. And since we use practices that can be applied to new functionality going forward, you won’t slip back.

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Agile Requirements - Beyond User Stories Workshop

The mythical high-performance agile team does not magically appear. For an Agile team to grow beyond the basics, they need to learn a lot of new skills. In this training the Product Owner, Development Team and Scrum Master collaboratively learn to master those skills.

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