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Wouter Lagerweij is an independent Agile Coach based in The Netherlands and operating throughout Europe.

I love spending time with teams and organisations to figure out how to improve the way they make software, and make it more fun.

To make that happen I use the knowledge and skills gathered in over eighteen years of experience applying Agile processes and practices from XP, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Lean and Systems Thinking.

To turn those improvements into real business opportunities, I’ve added Lean Startup/Lean Enterprise approaches.

Occasionally, I even use common sense.

To be good at delivering software means you do the hard things. You master the XP practices. You shorten your release cycles to be painfully short. You closely involve your customers, whether internal or external. You measure your outcomes and impact. And you improve, quickly.


Suzanne Lagerweij is an independent Agile Coach based in The Netherlands and operating internationally. With a diverse track-record of innovation and the application of agile in education, social work, research and start-ups, she’s not your regular agile coach.

As an energetic and enthusiastic pioneer, Suzanne enjoys working with diverse groups of people, and bringing them together around a common purpose. She has a unique background: starting small businesses, learning new technologies, working with people from different backgrounds, developing and delivering training, being an educator and a researcher. Suzanne gets her energy from making things go forward, in any context.

Suzanne is also the organizer of XP2023 in Amsterdam

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