Bringing a Legacy System Under Test

The strategy and practices to gain control over a legacy system.

Many managers, product owners and project managers struggle with long, manual, regression test cycles for a system, app, or website. This is not a problem you can brute-force.

This 2-day workshop gives you the tools to get back in control: a process to find out what your current testing is giving you, practical tools to discover where it should be extended and concrete ways of automating so that testing can be gradually pushed back into the sprint. And since we use practices that can be applied to new functionality going forward, you won’t slip back.

Key learnings:

  • Use a structured and controlled method of getting a legacy system under test
  • Apply top down analysis of an existing application to create a test strategy
  • Use Story Mapping to generate a detailed functional overview of a single application user flow
  • Use Example Mapping to recover business rules for existing functionality
  • Generate a hierarchical functional breakdown and functional test coverage overview of your existing application
  • Generate a backlog for automating (parts of) your regression tests based on change and complexity insights from the above

We start with an existing app and reverse engineer it. We create a high-level functional map to get an overview of the functionality, and generate some baseline metrics. Then we use Story Mapping to probe and prioritize our functionality and Example Mapping to generate our detailed test cases. We learn how to use the results to get confidence in your tests. Based on a well-defined test strategy we decide what and how to automate so you can get in that coveted continuous delivery mode.

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